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Wow lookit our new lineup of classes!  So many options, larger classes and still a great opportunity to Come n Play!! 

To read more about the class and to register online click the link below.  The link will take you over to the Watts Art Academy Classes listing (we’re sharing the online registration tool)

Mar 4 – Viking Knit Bracelet  Wed 1-3pm

Mar 6 – Pearl Knotting Fri 10-12pm

Mar 7 – Wire Wrapping with Megan Sat 10-12pm

Mar 11 – Chakra Bracelet Wed 1-3pm

Mar 13 – Deer Hide Medicine Bag Fri 10-12pm

Mar 14 – Beaded Bookmarks Sat 10-12pm

Mar 18 – Beaded Bracelet Wed 1-3pm

Mar 20 – Loom Class Part 1 Fr 10-12pm

Mar 21 – Leather Journal Part 1 Sat 10-12pm

Mar 25 – Copper Stamping Using Blanks Wed 1-3pm

Mar 27 – Loom Class Part 2 Fri 10-12pm

Mar 28 – Leather Journal Part 2 Sat 10-12pm


Apr 1 & 8 – Beaded Delica Cascade Earrings Wed 1-3 pm this is a 2 part class

Apr 3 – Lava Diffuser Bracelet Fri 10-12pm

Apr 15 – Leather Feather Earrings Wed 1-3pm

Apr 17 – Tree of Life Fri 10-12pm

Apr 18 – Leather Cuff Bracelet Sat 10-12pm

Apr 22 – Zig Zag Pendant Wed 1-3pm

Apr 24 – Beaded Lanyard Fri 10-12pm

Apr 25 – Precision Wire Wrapping Sat 10-12

Apr 29 – 3 Strand Bracelet Wed 1-3pm

May 1 – Macrame Stone Chip Bracelet Fri 10-12 



Here is a detailed list and cost of our current classes.  Most classes include all supplies

Basic Beading – A perfect class for the beginner to the skilled as there’s always something to learn.  This class covers everything from your design to the finish.  We work with beading line, wire guards, crimps, crimp covers, toggles, clasps, jump rings, split rings, headpins, eyepins, earrings, and so much more.  Your cost includes a full tool kit, all of your do-dads, beading line, and a design board.  Bring a specific project from home if you like.  $125 usually 3-4 hrs.

Basic Leather Working – We cover how to design, cut and hand sew with sinew, a basic leather bag using Buffalo hide.  Cost includes leather, sinew and needles..  $55 usually 2 hrs.

Beginner Wire Wrapping – Such a great skill to have in your arsenal and so transferable to use in all of your designs.  Using basic round wire design a wrap to secure your stone and make a bail.  Great for any skill level.  Cost includes stones and wire. $55 usually 2 hrs

Chakra Bracelet – Choose your stones and create a Chakra bracelet using a mixture of stones, glass and lava.  Cost includes Gr AAA stones and your choice of glass, lava, wood or whatever suits your unique to you design.  $35 usually 1-2 hrs.

Earrings Earrings Earrings – In this class we cover 3 different techniques to build your earrings from adding a charm, beads, metal components and chain.  Cost includes beads, stones, charms and hardware.  $35 usually 2 hrs

Lava Diffuser Bracelet – Design your look using a variety of stones, glass and lava beads.  Add a charm if you like and tie off the elastic.  Cost includes all supplies  $25 usually 1-2 hrs.

Leather Cuff Bracelet – How cool is this! Create your own leather cuff bracelet.  Techniques include cutting out your leather, finishing the edges, prep for stamping or tooling, dye and add your snap.  $35 usually 1.5 – hrs

Mala Necklace – Create your Mala using a variety of stones and choose your distinct ‘counter’ beads.  String onto silk for strength and add your Mother bead and tassel.  Cost includes stones, silk, mother bead and tassel.  $100 usually 2 hrs

Metal Piercing – Cut your design out of metal.  Simple!  Ok maybe it takes a bit more skill and deft hand work but that’s it in a nutshell.  Once it’s cut out buff it on the buffing machine to a shine and add a ring for your pendant.  Cost includes copper and a special vise, piercing saw and blades.  $100 usually 2 hrs

Precision Wire Wrapping – Use square and half round wire to create a ‘harness’ for your stone.  This is a great technique for any stone size with or without a hole.  Great for any skill level.  Cost includes a pkg of square and half round wire and 3 stones to wrap (you choose).  $55 usually 2 hrs

Tree of Life Window Hanging –  Such a great class to make your Tree of Life using a specific stone chip colour or mix them up.  You can be so creative with how you create your tree.  Perfect using a certain stone for it’s properties or even creating a ‘birth stone’ tree.  Cost includes a stone chips, a ring and wire.  $55 usually 2 hrs

Viking Knit – Knit with wire.  How cool is that!!  We’ll show you the ancient Viking technique of knitting with wire on a mandrel.  Slip it off, pull through a draw plate then finish off the ends to create a bracelet.  Cost includes wire a wooden mandrel, end caps and a clasp.  $45 usually 2-3 hrs

Window Charms – Such a simple and fun class to make your colourful window dangly charm thingmy.  Add a crystal or stone as your main dangly then go up the line with beads and charms.  Perfect for your window or your car window. $25 usually 1-2 hrs

Wire Weaving – The beauty of wire woven together then sculpted to hug a stone in layers of woven, twisted and formed wire.  This class is for intermediate wire workers.  Class is limited to 3 people.  Cost includes your weave wire, base wire and a stone to wrap.  $75 usually 3-4 hrs

Wire Wrapped Rings – Make it busy or simple.  Learn the technique to create your own rings to size.  Wrap wire on a mandrel then add bead/s of choice.  Cost includes stones/beads, a ring mandrel and a spool of wire.  $45 usually 2 hrs

Wired Hair Combs – Take a basic plastic hair comb then wrap and wire in beads and charms.  Create whimsical, colourful and fun or something specific for an occasion.  Cost includes 2 combs, wire, charms and beads.  $20 usually 1-2 hrs

If you can’t make a Class or are interested in a private lesson call us at the store (250-561-1100)