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Join our Bulk Bead Buying Club!

We’re creating a Bulk Bead Buying Club!! An easy and exciting way to save 30 – 50% on your bead and supply budget.

Here’s the Basics …

1. We’ll create a private and closed facebook group where you can ask questions and maybe even get some advice like “what size thread or needle should I use for my sz 10 bead?”

2. We’ll place a group order once every 3 months or more if we meet the minimum of $500 per orders. You’ll receive the website info for 1 of our main suppliers.  You can then go through and decide what items you want to order by writing down the UPC #.  Once you have your list, message Topaz using our email or message us on facebook with the UPC#’s and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your prices. Your price will include the cost of shipping to get it here to Prince George. If you live out of town, you assume the cost of shipping to get it to you.

3. All orders to be prepaid in cash, debit, credit, paypal or etransfer.

4. As soon as the order comes in I’ll post notification into the facebook group.

5. You are not obligated to order every 3 months, you can order as you like throughout the year.

6. No returns.

7. You must contact Topaz Bead Gallery within 72 hours if your item is damaged as we need to contact the supplier to receive approval from them to return the item. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping.

8. Buyer assumes the possibility of a ‘reasonable amount of breakage’ … for example, in the instance of 30mm Bugle beads, which are fragile, there’s often a 5-20% breakage in the bag.

9. Personal or for your company use only.

10. Annual fee of $50 payable by debit, credit, paypal or e transfer.

This is a project in motion so the rules and procedures will likely change and adapt as we grow and add more people.

Thank you for your interest in the Bulk Buyers Club.  Please purchase the following product to join the club.  The club membership has an annual fee of $50 which can be paid at our store, or through PayPal, credit or eTransfer paid to