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Birthday Parties!  So much fun!  We host parties for all ages from age 5 and up.

Here’s how it works .

  • If your party is 5 children or less the cost is $20 a child, this includes a $3 bead budget and all hardware to make their project. If more than 5, we add $5 per child as our ratio of instructor to student is 1:5 this ensures every child gets the help the need.

  • Each participant can choose their project – a necklace, bracelet, anklet, bookmark, window charm or earrings as we’d rather they make something they’d like and will wear/enjoy afterward.

  • We do the final finishing on the piece to ensure it’s strong.

  • You can also bring cake, treats, & pressies as well. We schedule your party for 2 hours but we know and understand if it takes a bit longer.

Call our store 250-561-1100 to book your party.

p.s. we have hosted 15 girls before so we’re well able to host a large group.